Team-Building Programs

From our beautiful landscape to our unique offerings, New Day Ranch is the ideal setting for an unexpected team retreat. We take a different approach to corporate team building and leadership workshops. Our programs are centered around our horses, who are specially trained to connect with people and encourage bonding, exploration, and personal growth. We use a mix equine-based techniques to explore relationships and promote teamwork, communication and problem solving. Led by our team of certified instructors and structured around your team’s goals, our customized programs are as effective as they are memorable.

In addition to specialized team-building and leadership programs, you’ll also have access to New Day’s on-site meeting space, perfect for workshops, breakout sessions, meals and breaks. Located just 25 miles south of Cincinnati, our ranch is close enough to be convenient while remaining a private, relaxing retreat.


Why Horses?

We often think we can hide the way we feel. Well, we can’t hide it from horses. Horses are keenly perceptive and sensitive to their surroundings. As prey animals, they are conditioned to constantly observe and evaluate their environment. This means horses are highly aware of—and quick to respond to—a person’s tone of voice, body language, and even glances. If a human feels anxious, a horse will sense that anxiety and act anxious, too.

In mirroring humans, horses offer valuable clues into how we feel—whether we’re aware of it or not. When we’re open to this insight, we can explore healthier responses to our emotions, build trust in others, grow in self-confidence, and develop stronger communication and leadership skills.


Contact us for more information or to design your program.

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